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Mum to be: avocado body butter

So here goes another recipe. A lovely and rich body butter for mums to be. I chose avocado oil as my main ingredient for this healing balm. It is a mild, nourishing, semi-fatty oil, rich in vitamins and fatty acids. It is used when the skin is dry or damaged. I have also used a different butter making method where I added avocado oil without heating it. The purpose of this was that I didn’t want to heat up this vitamin rich oil so I could preserve its nutrients. Since this body butter is for a pregnant lady,  I wanted to make it the best it can be! You can add up to 50% of the overall vegetable oil content to your balm when the wax has melted. This actually saves lots of work and time heating and cooling the oils. 23g olive wax  20g coconut oil 55 avocado oil 2g vitamin E Melt the olive wax and coconut oil together in a double boiler. When the olive wax is melted, remove the ingredients from the double boiler. Without waiting for the …

Mum to be: anti-stretch mark blend

Before Christmas I had a request to put together a little present for a mum to be. Having looked through my skincare range I wasn’t confident that any of the potions I have would be suitable for a pregnant lady. Most of them contain essential oils. After consulting a bunch of knowledgeable ladies I decided to go for natural, essential oil free, carefully combined from the finest ingredients, skincare products. If you are expecting (Congratulations!!!), try this: 50ml rosehip oil 20ml hazelnut oil 20ml argan oil 10ml vitamin E Later in pregnancy (about 6 months) you can add a few drops of well diluted essential oils such as Neroli, Lavender, Chamomile (1-1.5%). Rose (1-1.5%) corresponds well to the emotional needs of many pregnant woman. Scale and pour the blend into a dark glass bottle. Feel free to mix the oils in different quantities to make up 100ml. Rosehip oil (with added vitamin E) is the prime choice of helping to guard against permanent scarring.