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Healing orange foot balm

When it’s rainy and cold outside, nothing helps your feet better then a soft foot balm. The balm I whipped this afternoon is very easy to make and very comforting. 15g olive wax 10g cocoa butter 75g macadamia (or avocado) oil 10 drops orange essential oil In a double boiler, place the oils, butter and wax. Heat up the ingredients until melted. Leave the balm to cool for a few minutes. Make sure that not even a smallest drop of water gets into your balm or it will make it go mouldy in few weeks. Add the essential oil. Essential oils can be quite expensive so you can leave your balm unscented. You can also use simple oils such as olive oil. Pour the mixture into clean pots and let it cool down. It makes a nice present as well! Easy to make, easy to pack! The balm is great for dry and cracked skin. It is ideal for keeping your feet and especially heels soft, nourished and healthy.