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Honey hair mask

What do you have in your ‘Spa at home’ cupboard? My kit usually contains honey, sugar, clay and lemon. Affordable and effective stuff. Sometimes that’s all you need to give yourself a little boost, right? The hair mask I treated my hair to yesterday is currently my number one. All you need is a squeeze of honey! You can also add a dash of juice of a fresh lemon, but I just use honey! Can it get any easier?! And so natural! Honey is glossed on your already washed hair, so you don’t really wash off the goodness of the honey with a detergent (shampoo). Here’s what you need: 2-3 tbs honey (you can use more if your hair is very long) optional: 2-3 tbs juice of a fresh lemon If using lemon, mix the two ingredients together. Wash your hair normally. Squeeze the excess water out and rub the mixture into your hair concentrating on your hair tips.  Keep it on for about 15-20 minutes. You can cover it with a shower cap. Rinse with warm water and don’t …

Homemade coconut & grapefruit deodorant

Finally I got around to making my own deodorant! It’s been a while since I wanted to try a homemade one and it’s so incredibly easy to make! I used raw organic coconut oil and that’s why my deodorant has a solid consistency. I love raw coconut oil, it has such a lovely flavour and creamy texture. The ingredients you need: 1/4 cup baking soda 1/4 cup cornstarch 5 tbsp coconut oil 5 drops essential oil (optional) Yes, that’s all you need! It’s incredible that you can make something as essential in your life as deodorant from a few simple ingredients! The amount I made will last me forever! In a bowl, mix everything well until you get a smooth paste and add the essential oil(s), if using. I used 5 drops of Grapefruit essential oil and it smells gorgeous! Store it in a glass jar. Coconut oil tends to melt in higher and solidify in lower temperatures, so a glass container is the best if the deodorant is not stored in the fridge. If you use fractionated …

Natural avocado and honey face mask

I love mornings like this, when I have time to make a nice cup of coffee, do some research, try new and natural beauty treats and blog away! Avocados are both yummy and healthy! A great source of vitamins B, K and E. It’s important for your body to get a sufficient amount of vitamin B, it helps your metabolism work better which leads to a healthier skin tone. Avocados also contain monosaturated fat that is necessary for our health. They are high in fibre. Insoluble fibre does a great job in cleaning out the bowel. Avocado is great for weight control, because it turns into a gel that sits in your stomach for some time when it comes in contact with water, so you feel full for longer. I love face masks that are edible! Those are most natural and good for our skin. Avocados help fight skin redness, dryness, it also helps to treat eczema due to its high concentration of natural oils. 3 tsp ripe Avocado 1/2 tsp honey That’s all you need to make this absolutely lush …

Mum to be: anti-stretch mark blend

Before Christmas I had a request to put together a little present for a mum to be. Having looked through my skincare range I wasn’t confident that any of the potions I have would be suitable for a pregnant lady. Most of them contain essential oils. After consulting a bunch of knowledgeable ladies I decided to go for natural, essential oil free, carefully combined from the finest ingredients, skincare products. If you are expecting (Congratulations!!!), try this: 50ml rosehip oil 20ml hazelnut oil 20ml argan oil 10ml vitamin E Later in pregnancy (about 6 months) you can add a few drops of well diluted essential oils such as Neroli, Lavender, Chamomile (1-1.5%). Rose (1-1.5%) corresponds well to the emotional needs of many pregnant woman. Scale and pour the blend into a dark glass bottle. Feel free to mix the oils in different quantities to make up 100ml. Rosehip oil (with added vitamin E) is the prime choice of helping to guard against permanent scarring.

Healing orange foot balm

When it’s rainy and cold outside, nothing helps your feet better then a soft foot balm. The balm I whipped this afternoon is very easy to make and very comforting. 15g olive wax 10g cocoa butter 75g macadamia (or avocado) oil 10 drops orange essential oil In a double boiler, place the oils, butter and wax. Heat up the ingredients until melted. Leave the balm to cool for a few minutes. Make sure that not even a smallest drop of water gets into your balm or it will make it go mouldy in few weeks. Add the essential oil. Essential oils can be quite expensive so you can leave your balm unscented. You can also use simple oils such as olive oil. Pour the mixture into clean pots and let it cool down. It makes a nice present as well! Easy to make, easy to pack! The balm is great for dry and cracked skin. It is ideal for keeping your feet and especially heels soft, nourished and healthy.