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Homemade coconut milk

Are you still buying canned coconut milk? Why? It’s so easy to make it at home! Since I learnt how, I never looked back. Now I always keep desiccated coconut in my cupboard and if I feel like curry or feel the need to make some home Spa goodies, I produce my own coconut milk in minutes. Here is how you do it. Get some desiccated coconut – 200g. Boil some water – 200ml. Sometimes, when in a hurry, I don’t really measure any of the ingredients. I use a hand-held stick blender, but you can use any equipment you have handy. Place the coconut into your blender. Pour some of the hot water on top (make sure it’s not boiling hot, just hot). Then pulse the blender for around 30 seconds or so. I usually repeat this bit 3-5 times. Sieve the milk into an empty glass container. Return the coconut back into the blender and again, blend it with some more hot water. Repeat the process 2-3 times until you’ve squeeze all the goodness …

Homemade indigestion remedy

Camomile is a beautiful herb, used not only in skin care, but also as remedy. The herb is great for treating various health conditions such as loss of appetite, indigestion, vomiting, nausea, heartburn, intestinal gas (flatulence) and other digestive disorders. It has anti inflammatory properties which soothe bowel disorders and maintain digestive system, sometimes even better than mint tea. 1 tbs of dried camomile 1 tbsp honey 1 vanilla pod a lovely mug Just pour hot (not boiling) water over the chamomile, add a tiny bit of vanilla pod and steep it covered for 10 minutes. Strain the brew into your favourite mug, add honey and enjoy! You can simply enjoy camomile tea with honey only as vanilla pods are rather pricey, but vanilla does make your tea smell gorgeous!

Detox with parsley tea

 I was doing some research about detox when I came across the parsley tea recipe. I like it because it’s not extreme, easy to make and natural, so if it won’t help, it can’t harm either.  If you want to feel cleaner and lighter, join me! Have a cup of this tea after breakfast, lunch or dinner. The parsley tea helps to get rid of excess water and toxins in the body so don’t be surprised to lose an unwanted kilo or two! handful of parsley  hot water your favourite mug Just pour hot water over the parsley, leave the herb to soak and then drink the tea once a day. Easy and healthy!  It’s actually very tasty and refreshing! However, parsley tea is not recommended for pregnant women. Also if you have an inflammatory kidney disease, should avoid drinking this tea as it has an oxalic acid that stimulates kidney stones.