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Happy oil for treating cellulite

Before I start, I wanted to say a big Thank You to all my readers and just wanted to let you know that YOU are my inspiration! And to show my appreciation I want to share something with you! This might not appeal to men, but you could pass this onto your girl-friends, partners, wives, moms, daughters… Grapefruit essential oil is called ‘Happy Oil’ because of its mood enhancing properties. Apart from mood enhancing ability, this oil is toxin in the body eliminator! When we talk about cellulite, do many of us know what it is and why it occurs? Cellulite is actually a concentration of toxins and old fat cells that harden and cause our lovely skin look like an orange. There are lots of articles on how to smooth the skin and I bet you will say it’s a bloody hard work! Ant your are right! You have to be dedicated and persistent, exercise, be healthy and all sorts of things. It seems to me that one of the most important procedures in reducing cellulite is keeping the blood circulation up and running! …

Honey and aloe vera remedy from spots

I am sure every one of you had those days when you wake up one morning… and feel something is wrong… Something is growing and stretching your face skin… Not the nicest feeling in the world… If a deep, red spot suddenly appeared on your face, I’ve got advice for you, natural and homemade as always! Honey and aloe vera work well together! Aloe vera will soothe the pain and honey will help to reduce redness! Mix a dash of Aloe Vera juice with a little bit of honey, apply the remedy on to the spot and keep it on for as long as you can. Clean the mixture off if you need to leave the house and repeat the procedure when back home. It really helps! Honey is a natural antiseptic and it helps healing wounds, protects from infections and because honey contains antimicrobial agents that kill the bacteria the wound heals quicker and  eases swelling. It’s well known that Aloe Vera is used for treating acne, it contains high numbers of healing agents and therefore is good to use it on your skin if suffering from deep, under the skin spots.