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Sauna Time

It’s so difficult to get back on track after a lovely holiday back home. I had a great time relaxing with friends and family, seeing new things and sticking to the old traditional bits like having fun in the sauna with the family. Sauna is a must when I go home. It’s such an amazing thing. Ok, I admit, we don’t just drink green tea and pretend to have the healthiest time of our lives… But everyone is always looking forward to my natural and healthy home made treats.

In my home town, Kretinga, there is a little shop which sells a small range of natural skin care products. So I got a few natural scented candles and a lovely mixture, made in Lithuania, which combined with honey, helps stimulate the sweat. It was something I’ve never tried before. What a brilliant idea! Honey gets deep into the skin helping to clean it while the combination of Wingleaf Prickly Ash, Grapefruit, Juniper and Checkerberry essential oils encourages you to sweat out all that grim and toxins.

Here is the way I like to relax and detox in the sauna.

sauna time

  • To start with, go into the sauna to warm your body up for about 10-15 minutes. Don’t go to the shower or swimming pool straight after this. Better let your body cool down naturally. Wrap up in a big towel, sit down comfortably and have a cup of your favourite tea.
  • For the second visit to the hot room, have some honey handy. If the honey is set, take it with you to the sauna and wait until it melts a little bit. Rub the honey into your skin and sit in the sauna as much as you like. Let the honey do the job. After you’re done sweating, go to the shower to wash off the honey and then have some fun in the swimming pool.
  • For the third visit to the sauna,  combine a few spoons of honey with the lovely sweat stimulating mixture. Only a few drops needed. Apply it to the skin and sit in the sauna for another 15-20 minutes. We had lots of fun sitting slightly sticky in the sauna. And again, shower/swimming pool.

We repeated the procedure a few more times and then had some lovely food and drinks.

While everyone else was chatting, I was busy making fresh strawberry and salt body scrub. I was so excited that everyone was up for it. I used the simplest ingredients: fresh crushed strawberries, salt and Olive oil. You might want to sieve the strawberries so that you don’t have bits of them clogging the shower drain. Just mix all the ingredients together and enjoy the fresh strawberry aroma. I find it most beneficial to use body scrubs after I am done with the sauna, when the skin is soft and ready to be rid of dead skin cells.

I was extremely excited to find some Russian Blue and Dead Sea Black clays in my mums cupboard. Blue Clay is a wonderful natural skin care treat, full of minerals and silver ions. The clay helps purify the skin, reduce pore size & promote cellular regeneration as well as skin rejuvenation.


I made a very simple cleansing face mask from Blue clay, thick cream and Lithuanian organic honey. Lovely treat in the sauna. Apply to your face and neck for 10 minutes.

For the body I used Dead Sea Black Clay. Another beautiful clay containing magnesium, calcium and potassium. It’s beneficial for the relief of various skin problems. Just warm up some water, mix with the clay until you form a creamy paste. Apply to your whole body. Wash it off after 10 minutes.

Another great thing to do in sauna is to treat your hair. Just apply a little bit of oil to your locks and leave it in while enjoying the heat. The oil in your hair will warm up and become a perfect nourishing hair mask. My mum and I used Avocado oil with a drop of Rosemary essential oil.

Later, halfway through, we also applied  a dollop of natural honey for conditioning properties. Shampoo your hair as usual after all the fun in the sauna.

Allow yourselves a little bit of rest time before leaving the sauna. Make a lovely drink, put your feet up and relax.


Luxury night moisturiser from scratch

The luxury night moisturiser I wanted to tell you about is 100% natural, lovely and very moisturising. It takes time to soak in and therefore I use it as my night cream. It’s a nice thought that after washing my face in the evening, my clean skin absorbs all the goodness while resting and regenerating overnight.

After having a few drops of lovely oils left over from my other experiments, I decided to recycle them and make something lush and beautiful. So I whipped a little bit of Shea Butter and folded in the left over oils. Lovely result! You can use different oil variations and add essential oils if you wish.

what's cooking-

I literally just had a few drops of these oils:

5g Argan Oil

6g Rosehip Oil

4g Watermelon Seed Oil

4g Macadamia Nut Oil

5g Red Raspberry Seed Oil

To make 100g of the cream, just add 76g of Shea Butter. It’s soft and easily manageable.

Slightly melt the butter. Start whipping until soft and creamy. Add the oils. One by one. Fold in a few drops at a time. Whip well until you have a smooth and even cream. Add a few drops of vitamin E (I added 1g) and you have a lovely and highly hydrating night moisturiser. Pot them into clean containers and enjoy your luxurious evenings!

The moisturiser should last for a few months as water hasn’t been introduced in the cream making process. Also the oils have not been heated which means they retain all the goodness and your night cream is packed with vitamins.

Especially good for dry and tired skin.

Organic & natural beauty show

Organic & Natural Beauty Show is relatively new in London and not as big comparing to the Professional Beauty show I attended a few months ago. But I actually enjoyed not having to walk around hundreds of stalls and have the possibility to chat to the stall holders. Only a few brands were represented by the actual founders, but since it’s an international show, it’s understandable to have a representative who lives in London.

Every stall was very colourful, vibrant and well presented, lots of interesting and beautifully designed brands and most importantly, lovely products.


I am not a big make up wearer and I don’t particularly like wearing foundation and especially powder on my face, but I was assured by Samina’s Pure Makeup artist that the powder she used is ultra gentle, does not block pores and lets skin breath. It felt light on my skin and looked pretty natural, but still… not something I would wear everyday. But definitely worth checking out for special occasions.

Tia & Anda’s stall attracted me with its selection of seductively presented natural brown sugar body polish, body oil, butter and sole food. All lovely and natural, a bit overpriced for what it is, I thought.

Organic Essence from Canada had some lovely organic eco-rich Shea body butters and lip balms in cleverly packaged compostable pots; very environmentally friendly.

Nova Scotia Fisherman Extreme Skin Care offers products with powerful Nova Scotia Sea Kelp. Based in Canada the company’s target audience is men…  but according to the representative, the main customers remain women. They claim that Kelp helps to restore moisture levels, detoxifies, conditions and stimulates the skin’s ability to heal. It’s nice to know that a portion of every sale benefits the NCC 

I liked the name Beyond Organic. Nothing complicated, just soothing and moisturising award-winning skin care ranging from body butter bars, lotions, oils, face and body creams to happy baby balms. All handmade in Cornwall. Quite expensive, but the ingredients speak for themselves.

Smiths of Jersey brand looked very fresh and very SPA like. The founder happily chatted about the start of her journey, the house full of drying seaweed and ups and downs she had with the branding. I liked the Smiths of Jersey philosophy of using locally sourced ingredients to produce a quality product.

Greenland, established in 1990 in the Netherlands had a very colourful stand. Quite a large selection of skin care treats bursting with fruit extracts, essential oils and milks. They all smelled lovely and felt nice on the skin. I liked their little gift sets. Definitely a nice and refreshing presents for anyone. Very affordable prices.

A Swiss girl, representing Alpaderm from Switzerland, was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I took a few samples, hand cream, shower gel and massage oil. Alpaderm focuses on problematic skin for babies and adults. They use 100% organic ingredients and mineral water from the Swiss Alps.

And last, but not least and my favourite stall – Belgian skin care bee nature. I loved their stand, it was very cute and catchy. All their products are based on honey and plant extracts, simple packaging, nice range of products. They have a great and very friendly website, check it out! I couldn’t resist their shampoo and bath milk.

These are just a few stalls I visited yesterday, there were many more lovely brands exhibiting their products at the Excel Centre in London.

Hot towel hair mask

Have you ever treated your hair to a hot towel mask? Here is what you need:

1 towel

hot water

juice of 1/2 fresh lemon

1-2 tbs honey

1-2 tbs almond oil


 Make the mask first. I just used basic ingredients that everyone has in their kitchen. You can substitute almond oil with good quality olive oil or just use honey on its own.

My hair tends to overproduce its natural oils (hence the ‘no shampoo’ hair challenge) so lemon works lovely here, it kind of controls the production of oil for a while and makes my hair shiny. I added a little bit of almond oil to moisturise my hair and the honey here works as a natural conditioner.

Now that you have your hair mask ready, let’s get started. Run the hot tap or boil some water in the kettle. Be careful with the hot water and don’t burn your hands, make hand bearable temperature, not boiling hot. Soak your towel in the hot water while applying your hair mask.

Massage the mask into your damp hair and scalp. Get the towel out of the hot water, wring it well and cover your hair. Keep the towel on for about 15-20 minutes. Relax. Shampoo as usual.

Homemade coconut & grapefruit deodorant

Finally I got around to making my own deodorant! It’s been a while since I wanted to try a homemade one and it’s so incredibly easy to make!

I used raw organic coconut oil and that’s why my deodorant has a solid consistency. I love raw coconut oil, it has such a lovely flavour and creamy texture. The ingredients you need:

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup cornstarch

5 tbsp coconut oil

5 drops essential oil (optional)

Yes, that’s all you need! It’s incredible that you can make something as essential in your life as deodorant from a few simple ingredients! The amount I made will last me forever!


In a bowl, mix everything well until you get a smooth paste and add the essential oil(s), if using. I used 5 drops of Grapefruit essential oil and it smells gorgeous!

Store it in a glass jar. Coconut oil tends to melt in higher and solidify in lower temperatures, so a glass container is the best if the deodorant is not stored in the fridge.

If you use fractionated coconut oil, I guess you can store the mixture in a special deodorant container. I store it in my bathroom cabinet with my other hand made goodies. Next time I’ll try to make it runnier just for the sake of experimenting.

Homemade sugar and cinnamon body scrub

I thought I’ll post a quick update on what I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this morning. As I like to say, small things bring lots of happiness!

I’ve been busy and kind of tired lately to even mix up a simple face scrub. I kept nagging myself every evening and feeling guilty for not looking well enough after my skin, but after cycling home after work all I could think of was a comforting dinner and a lazy evening on the sofa…

But enough is enough, this morning after having a nice cup of coffee I mixed up a coffee & honey face exfoliator and  this easiest in the world body scrub that cheered me up big time! I was planning on making a lovely sugar and cinnamon scrub and was convinced I had some ground cinnamon in my spice cupboard… But all I found was an empty bottle… luckily I had a drop of Cinnamon Essential Oil which worked perfectly.


For some reason today I used spoons instead of scales… But then I thought it might be handier for the readers, as you might not necessarily have scales in your kitchen.

7-8 tbsp brown sugar

11-12 tbsp Thisle Oil

1tsp cinnamon or 1-2 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil 

In a jar, mix the sugar with the oil and then add the ground cinnamon (or the essential oil).

After the shower, massage the scrub into your skin, pay more attention to your feet, elbows and knees. Wash it off with warm water. Just be careful, this scrub will make your bath or shower floor slippery!

I chose Thisle oil because it is an excellent source of essential fatty acids such as Vitamin F and Omega 3 & 6. It’s good for all skin conditions, especially suitable for oily skin and large pores.

The smell of cinnamon is so comforting, try this scrub in the evening, before bed! Good night!

DIY coconut, honey & ground rice body scrub

Sometimes I have the most random natural skin care ideas in my head… I was thinking about a body scrub the other day. The spring is finally here and it’s warmer and sunnier. Soon enough it will be the flip-flop, shorts and t-shirt season! We still have some time to get ready and here is one random DIY body scrub I thought of a few days ago. It’s quick to make, easy to use and feels very nice. And, I think, it’s my new favourite!

rice srcubyou will need approximately:

20g ground rice

40g coconut oil

40g honey

The amounts can vary, you can put more/less coconut oil, the same with the honey, just see what works best for you. Gently mix the ingredients until you form a smooth paste.

Massage the scrub into your skin. Exfoliate for a few minutes. The coconut oil will nicely melt and moisturise while honey sloughs off dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and fresh. Wash the exfoliator off and enjoy your evening or morning!

You can use salt or sugar instead of ground rice, feel free to experiment. You can also add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil or mix in fresh strawberries. That should work extremely well here. Your scrub will smell like summer!

This exfoliator is very gentle. If you want it to be slightly rougher, just soak the rice in water and then grind them.