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Homemade coconut milk

Are you still buying canned coconut milk? Why? It’s so easy to make it at home! Since I learnt how, I never looked back. Now I always keep desiccated coconut in my cupboard and if I feel like curry or feel the need to make some home Spa goodies, I produce my own coconut milk in minutes.

coconut milk

Here is how you do it. Get some desiccated coconut – 200g. Boil some water – 200ml. Sometimes, when in a hurry, I don’t really measure any of the ingredients. I use a hand-held stick blender, but you can use any equipment you have handy. Place the coconut into your blender. Pour some of the hot water on top (make sure it’s not boiling hot, just hot). Then pulse the blender for around 30 seconds or so. I usually repeat this bit 3-5 times.

coconut milk 1

Sieve the milk into an empty glass container. ReturnĀ the coconut back into the blender and again, blend it with some more hot water. Repeat the process 2-3 times until you’ve squeeze all the goodness out of the coconut.

Some use a muslin cloth to extract the milk, but I don’t bother. It’s quicker with a sieve, plus once the milk cools down, you’ve got that lovely oil crust on top.

Keep the milk in the fridge. Best to keep it in a glass container with a lid. It will stay fresh for around 5 days, but I usually use it up quicker than that.

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