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Honey hair mask

What do you have in your ‘Spa at home’ cupboard? My kit usually contains honey, sugar, clay and lemon. Affordable and effective stuff. Sometimes that’s all you need to give yourself a little boost, right?

The hair mask I treated my hair to yesterday is currently my number one. All you need is a squeeze of honey! You can also add a dash of juice of a fresh lemon, but I just use honey! Can it get any easier?! And so natural! Honey is glossed on your already washed hair, so you don’t really wash off the goodness of the honey with a detergent (shampoo).


Here’s what you need:

2-3 tbs honey (you can use more if your hair is very long)

optional: 2-3 tbs juice of a fresh lemon

If using lemon, mix the two ingredients together. Wash your hair normally. Squeeze the excess water out and rub the mixture into your hair concentrating on your hair tips.  Keep it on for about 15-20 minutes. You can cover it with a shower cap. Rinse with warm water and don’t worry, your hair won’t be sticky. Don’t forget to splash your hair with cool water after washing the mask out. Dry your hair naturally, or blow dry, if you do. You will notice the shine and softens. Honey is the natural humectant and will keep your hair moisturised and soft while lemon provides that beautiful shine.

I’d say use this mask twice a week if using lemon juice. I just use honey. It works great.

Have you used a honey hair mask? Did you like it? Leave a comment below.


  1. Hajaarah says

    what do you do to hair after washing off any mask.can one apply a natural oil say coconut oil.

    • Kristina says

      I just leave it as it is, honey mask leaves my hair nice and soft. But sure you can apply coconut oil to your hair, especially your hairtips.

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