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Homemade sugar and cinnamon body scrub

I thought I’ll post a quick update on what I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this morning. As I like to say, small things bring lots of happiness!

I’ve been busy and kind of tired lately to even mix up a simple face scrub. I kept nagging myself every evening and feeling guilty for not looking well enough after my skin, but after cycling home after work all I could think of was a comforting dinner and a lazy evening on the sofa…

But enough is enough, this morning after having a nice cup of coffee I mixed up a coffee & honey face exfoliator and  this easiest in the world body scrub that cheered me up big time! I was planning on making a lovely sugar and cinnamon scrub and was convinced I had some ground cinnamon in my spice cupboard… But all I found was an empty bottle… luckily I had a drop of Cinnamon Essential Oil which worked perfectly.


For some reason today I used spoons instead of scales… But then I thought it might be handier for the readers, as you might not necessarily have scales in your kitchen.

7-8 tbsp brown sugar

11-12 tbsp Thisle Oil

1tsp cinnamon or 1-2 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil 

In a jar, mix the sugar with the oil and then add the ground cinnamon (or the essential oil).

After the shower, massage the scrub into your skin, pay more attention to your feet, elbows and knees. Wash it off with warm water. Just be careful, this scrub will make your bath or shower floor slippery!

I chose Thisle oil because it is an excellent source of essential fatty acids such as Vitamin F and Omega 3 & 6. It’s good for all skin conditions, especially suitable for oily skin and large pores.

The smell of cinnamon is so comforting, try this scrub in the evening, before bed! Good night!


    • It smells lovely :)You can add some Orange essential oil if you have handy, or grate in zest of a fresh orange!Yum! 🙂

      • Oh yes i always have some organic lemons in the house, since i like to put a bit of it into my tea, so i could just that?!

  1. Definitely, have a go 🙂 Or you could just squeeze a bit of lemon juice into your body scrub, it will soften your skin! I always use lemon juice in my face exfoliators. Just don’t shave your legs before applying the scrub, lemon will sting 🙂

  2. A friend of mine just gave me a similar scrub to try. She also gave me the same caution about a slippery shower 🙂

    • I hope you like it 🙂 These oily scrubs do make the shower floor slippery so be careful and enjoy! 🙂

  3. OMG, Kristina that sounds so soothing and wonderful. Instead of that Thisle oil , I have never heard of, could I use honey!!! Cuz that would sound so great to me in combination with cinnamon and brown sugar. How effective would that be???? Sounds more like a before breakfast facial treat, haha. What do you think???

    • Cornelia, honey is perfect for this scrub! Definitely use it, it will soften, moisturise and feel lovely on your skin! I usually make this combination when I want to treat my tired feet 🙂

      Thisle oil is great, if you get hold of it, use it for your hands. I usually add it to my hand creams, it looks after my nails 🙂

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