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DIY coconut, honey & ground rice body scrub

Sometimes I have the most random natural skin care ideas in my head… I was thinking about a body scrub the other day. The spring is finally here and it’s warmer and sunnier. Soon enough it will be the flip-flop, shorts and t-shirt season! We still have some time to get ready and here is one random DIY body scrub I thought of a few days ago. It’s quick to make, easy to use and feels very nice. And, I think, it’s my new favourite!

rice srcubyou will need approximately:

20g ground rice

40g coconut oil

40g honey

The amounts can vary, you can put more/less coconut oil, the same with the honey, just see what works best for you. Gently mix the ingredients until you form a smooth paste.

Massage the scrub into your skin. Exfoliate for a few minutes. The coconut oil will nicely melt and moisturise while honey sloughs off dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and fresh. Wash the exfoliator off and enjoy your evening or morning!

You can use salt or sugar instead of ground rice, feel free to experiment. You can also add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil or mix in fresh strawberries. That should work extremely well here. Your scrub will smell like summer!

This exfoliator is very gentle. If you want it to be slightly rougher, just soak the rice in water and then grind them.


  1. Hi Arlene, it should last for a while considering that raw coconut oil doesn’t go rancid in a few years and honey has natural preserving properties, however rice is a plant and therefore can cause growth of bacteria. I would use it up in 3-4 weeks, if kept in the fridge, it will last longer. If you substitute ground rice with salt, it will last longer as salt is a natural preservative too. I usually make a batch that last for one or two times to make sure I use a fresh product.

    • I woudn’t preserve any of the home made natural treats. They are best freshly made and used stright away. Preserving them you will loose the essence of the products. Althoug keeping the mask in the fridge will prolonge the shelf life, as well as adding vitamin E, but it won’t last forever, a couple of weeks…

    • No, I bought a bag of ground rice. I once tried to grind it, but my coffee grinder wasn’t powerful enough 🙂

  2. Wing says

    I am looking to make them as a gift. Will the rice spoil if it sits in the oils for more than 2 weeks?

  3. Aw that’s a lovely present 🙂 as long as you don’t introduce any water to the scrub and keep it in an air tight container somewhere cool (refrigerator) it should be fine for a few weeks, up to one month. You could mabe add a little bit of salt and that might help to prevent the scrub going bad, but I can’t guarantee it will last for too long. I’d also suggest a tag with exp date and instructions to store it in the fridge, just to stay on the safe side 🙂

  4. Wing says

    Thanks for the info. Does it go bad because it’s rice? i wonder how the scrubs out in the market last so long

  5. Yes, rice is one of the reasons the scrub goes bad quicker. Scrubs that are in the shops and markets are made in a adifferent way. I also make body scrubs that have cream sonsistency and then add Jojoba or other grains. Water is usually introduced in the process of making these skin care treats and therefore they need preserving. There are lots of preservatives out there to choose from which can make a product last for up to two years, the stronger the preservative, the longer the product will last. Without it, water based based products can last from 2 to 3 up to one month before they go mouldy. I’ve seen it, not a very nice fury thing 🙂

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