Natural Hair Conditioning Mask: Coconut & Honey

I’ve been praising, tweeting, blogging and talking about coconut for days; how tasty it is to cook with or how lovely it feels on the skin. I have finally tried frying pancakes with coconut oil and they were delicious!  And now is the time to share another recipe with you, my lovely readers.

Personally to me, Coconut Oil is the best hair treatment I could find. Ever. It’s heaven for dry and damaged hair as it helps them to regrow faster and healthier. Look for pure and unrefined Coconut Oil, without any additives and forget about all  the expensive cosmetic products.

Coconut Oil protects your hair and makes it look full and dense. It seals the hair from inside and retains the internal moisture that way keeping your hair moisturised, silky and shiny. It also helps to heal your scalp from dandruff.

The oil is beneficial not only to your hair, but also to your skin and overall health. I make sure I cook more with Coconut Oil and use it in my daily routine. Body scrubs and lotions made from this oil are absolutely lush!

Honey in this loooovely hair mask will nourish your hair. It’s a natural humectant – has the ability to attracts the moisture from outside and helps to retain it in your hair. It’s brilliant, cheap and natural!

Natural Hair Conditioning Mask: Coconut & Honey

1-2 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil (use less for short hair)

1tsp honey

5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil (optional)

a squeeze of fresh lemon juice (optional)

In a small dish, combine the oil with honey.


Mix the ingredients well until you get a smooth paste.


And… well, it’s ready to use! Smooth it over your damp hair and keep the mask on for about 20-30 minutes. Shampoo. Easy, inexpensive and very effective! I tend to keep this mask for longer than half an hour, sometimes I would sit with the mask in my hair all morning!

But last Saturday I thought I’d splash out a little bit and add something else to this super nourishing mask. And so I added a splash of lemon juice and a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil. It was absolutely divine! If you love peppermint scent, of course…


But because Coconut Oil doesn’t always want to blend with lemon juice, I had to find a way to befriend the two ingredients! Just heat the dish a little bit (make sure it’s heat proof!) until the oil melts (and it melts really quickly) then add the Peppermint Essential Oil! Apply the mask to your hair and wrap it in a towel to keep it warm. Shampoo your hair well 20-30 minutes later.


Peppermint Essential Oil is amazing for the hair. It has regenerative properties and promotes hair growth leaving it greatly revitalised. Hours later I could still smell the fresh peppermint in my hair!

44 thoughts on “Natural Hair Conditioning Mask: Coconut & Honey

  1. Ah that sounds phantastic. I love coconut, actually the other day I had just made a red beet ginger coconut soup. Now putting some of that coconut oil paste in my face seems very appealing to me, could I use Lavender Oil instead of Pepperrmin oil???
    Thank you as always fro your wonderful posts!

    • Cornelia, your soup sounds so lovely!!! I use coconut oil for literally everything! I cook with it, eat it raw, spread it on my toast, add it to my morning porridge, and make my skin care treats from it It’s great and healthy!

      Yes, definitely, you can use lavender if you like, I used peppermint because I love the smell, but lavender will work perfectly. The oil controls hair loss and improves hair growth. And if you massage your scalp with lavender oil before bed, it will help to sleep better!

    • This mask conditions your hair very well, but after washing it out, if you use a conditioner, keep using it :) Coconut oil alone is lovely for curly hair. Try addidng just a little bit to your palms and then rub into your washed hair. It will help your hair stay maisturised and adds shine :)

  2. i’ve been using coconut oil in my hair for a while now and never mixed it with anything but after seeing this, I’m defintly going to give it a try!.

  3. I tried it and it was great. I definitely noticed the difference. My hair felt smoother shinier and lighter. Thxs very much.

    • Absolutely, you can use it as a skin nourishing mask before the shower or turn it into a body scrub. Just add same salt or sugar once the mixture cools down. I would be careful using coconut oil on your face too much as it’s one of the oils that might encourage your skin to breakout.

  4. Can I find coconut oil at Walmart? I’ve been looking everywhere, but I’m not sure what the container looks like that it comes in :/

    • I am not sure if Walmart has it, try health stores. But oil there is usually more expensive. Try Dolphin Fitness website, they do lovely coonut oils at a cheaper price and deliver it very quickly – free of charge.

    • Most walmarts do sell it. It should be by the vegetable oil and either in a clear glass jar or a big white plastic container. I usually get the plastic container because it is cheaper but the same thing.

      • Holland & Barrett’s sell it, also you can get it online. I buy organic Biona raw coconut oil from Dolphin fitness website

    • I’ve been getting mine @ Safeway. I know Smiths carry it, if your able to go to Sams club its the best deal. 54 oz only 16.00 !

  5. I followed the directions and now after washing my hair (with baking soda as I usually do) it is super greasy. I can’t go out of the house! I’m sure this is good for my hair but don’t make plans if you apply this mixture to your hair. I’m going to shower again and cleanse again…hopefully it comes out.
    I used peppermint oil and I love how my scalp feels cool and tingly! : )

    • So happy to hear that, I am sure once a week is more than enough, but you can treat your hair more than that. The mask is all natural and won’t harm your hair.

    • Yes, it’s easier to apply the mask on your damp hair :) But if you are using coconut oil alone, it’s OK to smooth it over your dry hair :)

  6. hi there. tried coconut+honey on my hair but found it hard to comb through my hair after washing…any tips on that?:) thanx

  7. I have oily hair, but still needed a conditioner at the same time to protect my color treated hair – and the Shielo Color Protect line works perfectly. Even if you do not put color in your hair. It makes my hair shine and the shampoo is not heavy. This is one of the first shampoos that has really worked for me, and the Shielo conditioner did not leave my hair oily at all.

  8. Kristina, please please can you tell me some remedy/ routine to get rid of dandruff??? I have tons in my hair and it is super embarrassing all the time. Any thing would be appreciated . Thanks

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