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Mum to be: anti-stretch mark blend

Before Christmas I had a request to put together a little present for a mum to be. Having looked through my skincare range I wasn’t confident that any of the potions I have would be suitable for a pregnant lady. Most of them contain essential oils.

After consulting a bunch of knowledgeable ladies I decided to go for natural, essential oil free, carefully combined from the finest ingredients, skincare products.

mum to be antistrech mark blend

If you are expecting (Congratulations!!!), try this:

50ml rosehip oil

20ml hazelnut oil

20ml argan oil

10ml vitamin E

Later in pregnancy (about 6 months) you can add a few drops of well diluted essential oils such as Neroli, Lavender, Chamomile (1-1.5%). Rose (1-1.5%) corresponds well to the emotional needs of many pregnant woman.

Scale and pour the blend into a dark glass bottle. Feel free to mix the oils in different quantities to make up 100ml.

Rosehip oil (with added vitamin E) is the prime choice of helping to guard against permanent scarring.


  1. What a clever skin care package, love!! And it sounds just as wonderful as your original ones!! I’ll definitely buy a package from you should I ever find myself expecting!

    Do you have any suggestions for natural treatments for scarring, or for combined olive-skinned individuals like myself? Because my mom is fair-skinned and freckly, and my father is olive-skinned, the case with my skin is that it scars easily and my summer freckles become more noticeable in the winter when my skin lightens up.

    • Thanks so much Michelle! 🙂 Glad you like the mum to be range 🙂 It was an experiment and I wanted to use only the best quality ingredients for the mum to be 🙂

      The number 1 natural treatment for scarring is actually Rosehip oil hence used in my anti-stretchmark serum 🙂 Also Wheatgerm oil can be blended with Lavender and Neroli Essential Oils and used to reduce scaring. Depending on how old the scarring is, of course 🙂


  3. florencesyndrome says

    I would also be interested in this line. Any way i could buy it from you? Could not find your email anywhere.

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