Meet the Snow-white

Another great thing about having a stall at the market is sharing it with someone like-minded! Not only is it great  to have some company throughout the day, but also being able to chat to someone about things like arranging beauty picnics and workshops with friends.

Snow-white has been stitching since last Christmas and you can see how neat her work is. I don’t think I would have the patience to stitch something as detailed as this, let alone several times! Snow-white has a little on-line shop and you will see more of her work at various markets in London.

Find her on Etsy: Snowwhitestiches 


If you are looking for a cute present, look no further, Snow-white has a beautiful selection of hand-crafted and totally adorable soft-things. Kids will love them in their bedroom!

Hand – crafted and Original Owls

My favourite piece – a unique decoration and a gift for the one you love.

Rose Heart

If you love Lavender, you will love this! A hand crafted bag will not only decorate your house, but also fill it with scent of fresh lavender fields. Isn’t it beautiful!?

Lavender Love

We rarely appreciate the time and effort people put in making something for others, something filled with loved and good energy, something that will make others look prettier and feel happier.

Lovely Hand Made Broach

This will look wonderful on a coat or a hat!

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9 thoughts on “Meet the Snow-white

    • Thanks Marina. It wasn’t the best day for us, apparently not many people know that the Old Spitalfields market is open on Saturdays as there is another Spitalfields market that’s open Monday-Friday and Sunday and this is where the confusion comes from, but we found out from the local traders that Sunday is the day to trade, only it’s difficult to book a stall as it’s always very busy, we will try :)

      • It’s all part of the experience though – you met some lovely people so it’s always a positive thing to be out there, showing your products! Great perseverance and determination K!

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