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Coconut and rosemary hair mask

I am officially in love with coconut. I love the smell, the texture and the taste and use lots of it daily, as a natural face and body moisturiser or a natural hair mask. I also love it in my creams and scrubs. I finally tried frying pancakes with coconut oil and they were absolutely delicious!

I usually melt a knob of natural and pure coconut butter in my palms and then rub it to my hair, but this time I decided to experiment and add a drop or two of rosemary essential oil for even better hair care. I love rosemary in my food and in my beauty potions. Rosemary oil helps in stimulating follicles, as a result of which, hair grow stronger.

The mask making process is very easy, try it in your own kitchen!

rosemary hair mask

50g coconut butter

5 drops Rosemary essential oil

In a glass beaker or any other heatproof container melt the coconut butter. When melted, let it cool down to blood temperature. Add the rosemary essential oil, pour the potion into a container and let it set.

When the mixture is set, it becomes hard again, but don’t worry, as soon as you scoop a little knob of the butter out, it will instantly melt in your hands. Just smooth it over your hair, massage the mixture into your scalp and finally wrap you hair in a soft towel. 30 minutes later, wash the mask out with a mild shampoo and enjoy your healthy, silky and shiny hair!

Rosemary essential oil has quite a strong scent so use it in moderation, otherwise it can get too overpowering.



    • It can’t get any easier 🙂 It’s enough to just use coconut butter, but it’s so much fun to add a little bit of rosemary goodness, hair loves it 😉 Especially because rosemary is so versatile and cares for all hair types 🙂

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  2. gorgeous K! My coconut oil is never solid in my home – I guess it is too warm? I’ll try and hunt some reosemary down. PS There’s a comment for you on my blog re: your guest post 🙂

    • Thanks Marina 🙂 I treated my hair with this mask yesterday 🙂 Yes, your home must be very warm. I keep my coconut butter in the fridge and coconut oil in my kitchen cupboard, but it never gets runny, I wish our house was warmer 🙂

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