Summer Fayre with fairskincare

I have been dreaming about this Sunday for months when, after all the hard work,  I can have a long lie in and then just relax with a nice cup of coffee, but… I found myself this morning browsing through different websites, looking for useful tips and links about SPF in natural oils and reading Liz Earl book… I guess, when you love something, it just becomes your lifestyle and to me, reading books and articles about natural skin care and making beauty treats is the way to relax and feel happy!

Hilly Fields Summer Fayre happens once a year. We missed it last year, because Charlie and I moved to the area in July. I have to say that Brockley Society really pulled it off, it was such a great community event! Great atmosphere, vibrant and colourful event with lots of activities for kids as well as adults, nice food, teas, coffees, home made cakes,  local crafts and of course – the first ever fairskincare stall.

Local Summer Fayre

Lovely cup of coffee

Activities for Kids


Getting Ready

Apart from selling my products to the public, seeing people’s reactions was the best feeling ever! A great way to do a market research! It was great to see people trying, smelling and complimenting the fairskincare treats.

Proud founder of fairskincare

fairskincare made in Brockley

Charlie’s lovely hand made bunting

I didn’t really know what to expect coming to this kind of trade fair, but doing this made me to finally believe in myself and being there really felt like a big achievement!

100% Natural lip balms

I’ve learnt lots about what people look for, what people like and dislike. It’s an invaluable experience being able to chat to your potential customers face to face.

Lovely peppermint foot scrub

Bamboo exfoliating powder is rich in mineral salts and silica (which strengthens skin and nails), this powder makes an ideal exfoliant for all skin types

Jojoba exfoliating grains are smooth and gentle for your skin.

Cedarwood was used in ancient Greece and Egypt, it’s has soothing properties and smooths the skin. Great aftershave moisturiser!

Top seller! People loved the smell and the feel of the moisturiser!

Smooth and super hydrating Avocado Lip Balm

I was pleased the Avocado Lip Balm sold well. It was popular amongst adults while my Orange Lip Balm was extremely popular amongst kids! The girls kept coming back to the stall to smell it again and again.

A blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Mango Butter, Olive Wax and Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Lime&Mango smell attracted fans of tropical smells.

Beautiful blend of Lime&Mango

Another great thing about this fayre was that so many people asked me twice if it was really hand made by me! And I was very proud to give them a ‘yes’ for an answer!

fairskincare – hand made with love

I’ve met many lovely people who were happy to hear from faiskincare and popped their email address for updates.

email us at

Another great feeling was to pay for a little celebration drink with the money I earned through my ides, the money that wasn’t earned by working for someone else! After the fayre we popped in to The Gantry, that has recently opened in Brockley.

A well deserved Jamaican Mule with spiced dark rum! Yum!

Thanks guys for our complimentary second round of lovely drinks!

I really enjoyed the day and I value the experience I gained more than anything! The fayre gave me so much food for thought and I am even more excited about the next steps of fairskincare. There is so much room for improvement and development and I can’t wait to begin!

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17 thoughts on “Summer Fayre with fairskincare

  1. Congratulations! wow, your range is wonderful and its great you had a great success the fayre. Just made my first moisturiser today and am so chuffed. You have really inspired me with your blog and love for natural skin care. All the best in all. xx

    • Thanks Kemi, it was a great day, something I’ve never done before :) the fayre gave me so much food for thought :) I am so happy that I inspired your to make your own moisturiser :D Usually I search for inspiration, but inspiring others feels incredible :) Thank you so much :)

  2. Kokia šaunuolė. Džiaugiuosi, kad darai, kas tau patinka ir ieškai būdų kaip iš to susukti versliuką. Produktai taip ir prašosi išbandomi, o jau įsivaizduoju kaip skaniai kvepia. :) Sėkmės tau. Kaip sakoma kelionė prasideda nuo pirmo žingsnelio.

    • Aciu Laura :) Cia mano pirmas bandymas, bet zingsniuosim toliau :) Po truputi, galvoj pilna nauju receptu ir ideju, reikia uzbaigti savo internetine parduotuve :) Parasyk man savo adresiuka i kristina at fairskincare dot co dot uk, atsiusiu kremuka pabandyti :)

  3. Amazing!! The Orange Face Cream is the best!! I don’t blame people for loving it. You’ve just begun, and you already have a top seller! That’s really good news ;)

  4. Kristina, loved this post! Full of positivity, happiness, and alot of love for what you create! I like the name of the exfoliating foot scrub :) I am so glad that your Orange Face cream was loved – I use it in the evening and my skin looks so refreshed!! Congrats congrats! The celebratory drink looks so refreshing. Take a look at my latest post – Crafty weekend in Brooklyn. That fair is in London, near where you live (I think), in September. Maybe you could do a round #2: apply and set up a stall! I didn’t see (any) skincare in Brooklyn so you could have the a wonderful chance in London! So excited for your future :)

    • Thanks so much Marina :) And I love the name of the foot scrub! :D Thank you again for your lovely ideas :D I had so much fun at the trade fair and will start working on my on-line shop :) Going to give Etsy a try and see how it works :) I will check out your blog, it sounds exciting :) That drink was soo good! The Gantry opened recently in the area and the owners of the place are 4 young guys from different countries. The place is so great and it’s popular already :) They are another inspiration for me :)

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  6. What a success, Kristina! Congratulations! Your products sounds wonderful and the packaging is fantastic! I’m so happy for you! :)

  7. Thanks Alia, so sorry for such a late reply and that I missed your comment! The happiness must have blinded me :) I hope you are doing well and I wish you safe and easy birth if it hasn’t happened yet :)

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