fairskincare – Hilly Fields Summer Fayre

It’s almost here! Saturday is the big day and the very first waves of excitement have arrived and have got me thinking about the day ahead.

I’ve been working hard for the past few months creating, formulating and making natural skin care products, just in time for the Annual Hilly Fields  Midsummer Fayre in Brockley.

I am very proud and happy with the results and look forward to my first ever trade fair taking place on Saturday, 23rd June at Hilly Fields. I have booked a stall and will be trading from 12.00pm – 5.00pm. I am really nervous and excited at the same time. It’s going to be great!

I have to say, the process of learning, coming up with a new brand, experimenting and then determining the skin care line wasn’t easy. It was exhausting at times and nerve-racking when things didn’t go right, but there was never a dull moment. I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and the thought that this is something I have created, kept me going.

Receiving feedback from people about my natural skin care products was something unreal. Even now I keep thinking is this really happening?

All my products are natural, carefully combined together to care for your skin. This is something that makes me very happy, seeing the mixture become a smooth cream; a combination of natural oils and gorgeous butters becoming an exfoliating goodness; filling an amber glass jar not only with natural skin care potions but also love and a little bit of sunshine; and the best feeling – sticking the colourful labels onto my finished products.  If you see me working on my skin care line, you’d know what I mean.

A big thank you to lovely Charlie for endless support and a occational push to go forward; to Kristina for testing my products on her extremely sensitive skin (no signs of negative reaction or irritated skin); to lovely Marina for her help, brilliant ideas, feedback and suggestions and to lovely Michelle for testing my products and  sharing her thoughts with me.

I am still working on my fairskincare.co.uk website and hoping to have it up and running very soon! I’ll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend and if you happen to be in Brockley tomorrow, pop in to say hello!

7 thoughts on “fairskincare – Hilly Fields Summer Fayre

  1. I am so excited for you K! The Faye is going to be fun and I hope you sell bucket loads of the Orange Face Cream! I put it on last night and in the morning, my skin looks smoother! You can call that product a reader favourite :-) my number 1 vote! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Oh, and take some photos!! Looking forward to seeing your new website too!

    • Thanks so much Marina, I am so happy the cream is doing well! I am excited too and hoping for a good day tomorrow :) I am all ready to go; Charlie is doing some bunting to decorate my table and will help out on the day :) I’ll take some pictures and will post them here on Sunday hopefully :) I am so tired, but it’s all worth it :)

      • It will be – it’s so important to have that experience! I think, go in with no expectations as it’s your first go…. and, go with the flow :) Enjoy! Wishing you the absolute best. People will love the products!

  2. Hi Kristina, wow!!! What an accomplishment. I wish you could just jump over the ocean to stop in at your stall at the Fairy. Bringing along my basket to fill it up with all your wonderful products. Do you have a list online where I may order some of your heavenly creations?
    Wish you much luck for this weekend and lots of fun. Cornelia

    • Thank you so much Cornelia :) It was a great day and I really enjoyed talking to people about my products. I will have an online shop very soon :) So excited :)

  3. Congratulations!! And I am still totally loving your products. I’m taking them to summer camp – you’ve officially spoiled me, they’re so refreshing, smell great, and my skin is really noticing the difference!

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