Just a Simple Salad for Two

I am writing this as I am watching Germany vs Portugal playing football in the Euro 2012 so please forgive me if I don’t make sense!

What I wanted to say is that I looove Brockley Market and if I move somewhere else, I might not have any market so close… That would be bad… Almost every Saturday we trot there to get some fresh local produce so we could have a lovely Saturday and Sunday meal. Look what Charlie’s got us today:

Thank You Brockley Market

Smells Like Tomatoes Should Smell


Lovely Local Produce

What else if not a lovely fresh salad you would make from all that goodness. And so did we. Simple, tasty and healthy!

Warm Salad With Chicken and Mushrooms 

100 g chicken

2 handfuls iceberg lettuce

2 fresh tomatoes

a handful of mushrooms

less than half a cucumber

a handful of spring onions

a handful of dill

a dash of olive oil

1tsp honey (with cinnamon)

a drizzle of truffle oil (optional)

salt and pepper to taste

Dice and brown the chicken together with mushrooms for a few minutes with a dash of truffle oil and honey. Our honey happened to be with cinnamon so you can just add some of this spice or leave it out. The truffle oil was a present from a friend, so we thought we gonna give it a try.  I like big chunks of iceberg lettuce in my salad so I just tear the leaves. Chop the ripe tomatoes.


Slice and add the juicy cumber.


Add some dill…

Dill Love

…and some spring onions.

Grown in Brockley

Drizzle some oil over the salad, add the cooked mushrooms and chicken, grab a fork and enjoy!

A Plate Full of Goodness

We also scattered some cheese on top…  but you don’t have to!


Thank you Brockey Market!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

… and here comes the guilty pleasure… a home-made sweet and sticky apple crumble served with whipped double cream flavoured with strawberry jam… it can’t get any better!

Made with Brockley Market Apples!

14 thoughts on “Just a Simple Salad for Two

    • Hi Arlene, no not all stuff organic, but it’s produced by local people. The cucumber was bought at the organic stall :) I didn’t buy the honey, my friend gave it to me, she worked for a French company who supplies big food chains with best quality stuff. you can have a look here http://www.masdesabeilles.com

    • It was so fresh :) The shop tomatoes usually are raw and smell of plastic :) Charlie has planted some tomatoes in our garden, fingers crossed they grow fast :D

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