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Happy oil for treating cellulite

Before I start, I wanted to say a big Thank You to all my readers and just wanted to let you know that YOU are my inspiration! And to show my appreciation I want to share something with you! This might not appeal to men, but you could pass this onto your girl-friends, partners, wives, moms, daughters…

Grapefruit essential oil is called ‘Happy Oil’ because of its mood enhancing properties. Apart from mood enhancing ability, this oil is toxin in the body eliminator! When we talk about cellulite, do many of us know what it is and why it occurs? Cellulite is actually a concentration of toxins and old fat cells that harden and cause our lovely skin look like an orange. There are lots of articles on how to smooth the skin and I bet you will say it’s a bloody hard work! Ant your are right! You have to be dedicated and persistent, exercise, be healthy and all sorts of things. It seems to me that one of the most important procedures in reducing cellulite is keeping the blood circulation up and running! Brushing, massaging and scrubbing will definitely do the job! I am not saying this will get rid of the imperfections, but it will definitely help your skin to freshen up, revive and regenerate!

While face scrubbing is recommended twice a week for dry skin, once a week for oily skin and maybe once in a fortnight for sensitive skin, we can enjoy body scrubbing every other day! It’s a great way to refresh our skin and a simple salt or sugar scrub will do! I know I know that we all get lazy, but oily scrub has a double benefit; salt or sugar grains will remove dead skin cells generating growth of new cells and the oils will moisturise your body at the same time!

So let’s create a little anti-cellulite routine starting with Sea Salt Body Scrub.

Anti celulite

150 sea salt

20g Shea butter (optional)

60g grape seed oil

tsp clay (optional)

~5 drops grapefruit essential oil

Any other salt is fine, but I like sea salt, just because I miss the sea… Some salts, for example coarse salt like Himalayan, tend not to absorb oils very well and therefore your body scrub might come out too runny. In that case, add a little bit of table salt, the fine grains will absorb the oils and your body scrub will be lovely and easily applicable. Butters add a lovely texture to scrubs, Shea butter is particularly lovely as it’s extremely moisturising.  Grape seed oil is great for scrubs, because it’s a ‘long oil’ the one that’s good for massage as it slides easily and distributes scrubbing particles well on your body. But you can use any other oil, for example Castor Oil. Clay will add colour as well as detoxifying properties to your scrub and the lovely Grapefruit EO will fight the impurities on your skin.

Once the scrubbing is done, all the dead cells removed and the skin is ready to soak in some natural goodness, let’s indulge it with anti-cellulite gel! It smells absolutely gorgeous, the moods are lifting and the skin is happy!

Anti-cellulite grapefruit gel. Always dilute essential oils with carrier oils and never use them raw on your skin. Choose your favourite oil and add a drop or two of the lovely grapefruit oil. There, you have a lovely anti-cellulite massaging oil. Massage it gently into affected areas until the mixture is absorbed.  Another way of diluting this anti-cellulite essential oil is mixing it with aloe vera gel!

Anti celulite 1

100g aloe vera gel (I make it myself, but you can buy it ready-made)

1g (15-20 drops) grapefruit essential oil.

Carefully combine the oil and the gel, place it in a container (dark glass if possible) and enjoy using a simple yet effective solution. This, of course, will not make a difference in a day, but it will definitely help to smooth the skin in a long run! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and exercise for even better effect!

For every 100g oil the recommended amount of essential oils in leave-in product is 1%, which works out as 1ml or 1g or about 20 drops.

The gel is best applied in the evening, so the grapefruit essential oil doesn’t get in contact with sun. Because it’s a citrus oil it can also irritate your skin. Patch test it first if you are uncertain.


  1. thanks for the lovely post! I LOVE body scrubs and I have also been using aloe vera a lot lately…great idea to use it as an anti-cellulite gel! Happy Weekend to you too!

    • Happy you liked it 🙂 I use body scrubs very often and love them all 🙂 Last time I accidentally mixed in some red clay into my salt scrub and I wouldn’t recommend it 🙂 I’m sure the benefits were great, but the colour was weird and my all bath was covered in muddy red colour 🙂

  2. Kristina! i love your top shot – what a fun time in London. My mum is such a fan of citrus smells, and I am starting to be drawn to them too. Lovely post!

    • I wish it was my picture, Marina 🙂 I borrowed it from Mail Online 🙂 I just bought another 100g of Grapefruit oil and will be using it for home made beauty treatments 🙂 You can also try Lime EO, it’s great for our skin and helps to clean congested pores. Grape seed oil with a drop of Grapefruit EO will serve as a great massaging oil for impurities on the skin 🙂

  3. Arlene says

    How long is it safe to keep and use this scrub? Is grapefruit EO the same as the Grapefruit oil that is used as a preservative.

    • Hi Arlene, you can keep it for quite some time as long as you don’t introduce water to the scrub. Because it is oil based and the salt in it is a natural preservative, in good storing condition could last for a few months, but I would recommend making smaller amounts and using the scrub in a week or so. Considering that scrub will be kept in the shower, one or two water drops will get into the product and therefore the scrub will start getting mouldy.

      Grapefruit Essential Oil has preserving qualities and will reduce microbial activity. It is a great antioxidant. Antioxidants are designed to protect the oils from spoiling. This process cannot be stopped completely, but using an antioxidant can considerably slow down the process. Fr example if you use oil such as Rosehip which shelf life is 6 months, Grapefruit EO can increase the shelf life of the oil as well as your natural products.

      Unfortunately it has been proved that a natural broad-spectrum preservative doesn’t exist and therefore Essential Oils will not preserve your product 😦

      Also be aware that it can oxidise quickly so use it up rather than store it 🙂

  4. Great recipe. I just ordered grapefruit ess oil to combat cellulite before beach time! I also read that macadamia oil helps with bumps and lumps.

    • Thank you 🙂 I love it, the smell is gorgeous! I use this everyday in the morning and in the evening 🙂 It’s smooth and silky and soaks in well 🙂
      True, Macadamia Oil is amazing, it’s a natural antioxidant that our skin loves! I’ve even read that some people use this oil for shaving and it perfectly protects the skin 🙂 Apparently it’s a new Olive Oil, so versatile that you can use it for anything really 🙂

      • Wow, shaving would be great idea to try. Never thought about it. Just had my macadamia oil massage and feel great. Thank you for all your great recipies and info. I will keep reading!

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