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Tea tree oil face wash

A few weekends ago my friend and I had a little Spa Saturday at my place. After a lovely walk along the beach in Brighton, we travelled home to have a good night sleep and wake up to a little  homemade beauty routine.

While my friend was enjoying her Sunday morning with a cup of coffee I was pleasantly busy  brewing and cooking little treats in the kitchen.

I made a simple, yet extremely effective face wash with tea tree oil. It’s great in many ways, removes all the dirt, freshens and revives your skin, keeps it clean and clear. It contains lots of oil and therefore removes makeup very well.  Aloe vera gel will feel smooth and cool on your face and a faint scent of  tea tree essential oil not only protects your face skin from bacteria, but calms and soothes it down.

tea tree face wash

20ml of aloe vera gel

10ml of your favorite oil

30 drops of  tea tree essential oil

Whisk the aloe vera and the oil in a bowl until a white gel is produced. Add the tea tree oil and whisk again. This should make 2–3 applications of a facial wash.  One little bottle for me and one for my friend. Sorted for a month! I am never buying a face wash again!


  1. Arlene says

    What is pure coconut butter? Where can you find Red Argiletz Clay in London.

    • Hi Arlene, sorry for delay in reply, pure coconut butter is a solid lump of butter or fractionated olive oil. Both are natural and so good for skin and hair care. You can buy it from a few companies online, the ones I trust are Plush Folly, Aromantic, Shea Butter Cottage, Baldwins, Grace Fruit, they are all certified and sell only good quality products. You can buy Red Clay or any other clays in the same shops. If you want to go into an actual shop, I would recommend Baldwins, they are based in Elephant and Castle, London. I hope this helps? 🙂

  2. I missed reading your blog! We have half way gotten all settled in our new house. So now I can actually take some time to spend on the big net:)

    • Hey, I am glad you settling in 🙂 new house, how exciting 🙂 I know what you mean, I’ve been so busy recently, haven’t had time to post or read 🙂

  3. kristina! recently I have been drinking alot of Kombucha tea and I was told I could simply drink apple cider viengar, lemon, honey, and water for a similar type of drink. I notice that you are using similar ingredients externally. Isn’t that so interesting? I might just make this hair mask! Thank you 🙂

    • Yes, apple cider vinegar is really good externally and internally 🙂 I always say, if you can eat it, you can use it in skin or hair care 🙂 I hope you liked the hair mask 🙂 I am now sitting with a towel wrapped around my head as I just applied some coconut butter on my hair. I love it, I purchased a big block of coconut butter and every time I want to treat my hair, I just rub a bit of coconut butter between my palms, it melts instantly and then I smooth it over my hair 🙂 Lush!!! 🙂 One Turkish girl I met on my course, spent some time in India and she said that Indian girls do that everyday and that’s why their hair is strong, healthy and shiny 🙂

      • yes, an Indian friend of mine at school would always have coconut oil in her hair! Though seemed to wear it to school? It’s good to know as my hair needs some TLC 🙂

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  5. A honey and yogurt hair mask sounds so refreshing right now! I’d love to let that creamy cool concoction sit in my hair for a bit this lazy Saturday morning. 🙂

    • It’s a good and easy treatment for hair 🙂 Mine loves it 🙂 I love the feeling after the mask, the hair feels soft and healthy 🙂

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  7. hello 🙂 for the tea tree face wash how long does it last in a container?

    • It is indeed 🙂 I’d love to live near the seaside 🙂 maybe in a few years time 🙂

  8. bianca lopes says

    You cant use extra virgin olive cooking oil hey? And the aloe vera gel-can you squeeze it out the actual plant, is that the gel? Xx

    • I am sure it will work well 🙂 Just make sure to keep it in the refrigerator and use up quickly. Pure plant extracts have more potential to introduce bacteria to your products.

  9. cassandra says

    whats the ingredient amounts for the face mark and body scrub?

    • Oh dear, I don’t think I can remember, Cassandra. I usually make 100g, so I would use maybe 40g coconut butter, 60g oil and then add a few drops of essential oils. I usually use about 3g of exfoliating products per 100g. 🙂 Hope this helps. You can experiment with the quantities, you won’t spoil it, I promise 🙂 If you add more oils, your scrub will be softer, and opposite – it will be harder if you add more butter 🙂

  10. Pam says

    When you refer to coconut butter is that the same as coconut oil, it’s a semi solid, sort of a butter consistency??

    • Hi Pam, I like using unfractionated (solid) one better, usually I use raw coconut butter, it’s more natural and smells better than fractionated (liquid) 🙂

  11. wixta says

    What do you do after hair mask, wash your hair with shampoo or just rinse it?

  12. says

    Hi, what is the recipe for the coconut oil, almond oil, and apricot ground body scrub? Looks great but what are the mixtures and how much does it make

    • Od dear, I don’t even remember the quantities 🙂 just mix a few spoons of raw coconut oil, add a few spoons of the oil and a tsp or so of grounds like apricot kernel or Jojoba, or you can even add ground oats, sugar or salt instead 🙂

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