Clean your Body with Parsley Tea

 I didn’t really make any resolutions for the 2012, but as I go along I keep noting a few things down. I have not been feeling too healthy recently and I guess the festive season can throw us off the track a little bit.  I was doing a little research about detox when I came across the parsley tea recipe. I like it because it’s not extreme, easy to make and natural, so if it won’t help, it can’t harm, I suppose. I will drink the tea for one week and will let you know the results. If you want to feel cleaner and lighter, join me! Have a cup of this tea after breakfast, lunch or dinner. The parsley tea helps to get rid of excess water and toxins in the body so don’t be surprised to lose an unwanted kilo or two!

Parsley Tea

handful of parsley

 hot water

your favourite mug

Just pour hot water over the parsley, leave the herb to soak and then drink the tea once a day. Easy and healthy! I started today, it’s actually very tasty and refreshing!

31 thoughts on “Clean your Body with Parsley Tea

  1. I will try this! I am all for anything that gets rid of water, toxins and all the reside from 2011! Thanks Kristina! I look forward to your post in the next week :)

    • I don’t have any expectations, we might not feel it, but our body will :) and if it doesn’t work, oh well, at least it’s not chemicals :)

  2. Yes, I agree with you about parsley tea. It is once of great healthy foods…. You can drink, you can eat… and also you can eat with its stalks too… Parsley is a kind of magical herb for everything… You are doing good dear Kristina, and I heard in somewhere else, to eat fresh parsley is also good for our skin too… I really love to use it in every cooking… But my love he hates to see them in a dish… :)
    I hope and wish you to feel betteer soon. Thank you so much, for sharing with us these important points…. I need to remember and to learn always. Have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • I am glad you agree and I am not going crazy here with my parsley tea :) Yes, it is good for the skin as well, but I strongly believe that everything depends on your inside, if we are healthy and kind to our body, it will be kind to us :) I am going to make a parsley face mask very soon, looking forward to that :)

      • You are doing great job dearest by sharing wish us. I have just read your parsley face mask! It is amazing… I didn’t know this one, when I talked about how good for the skin, I just meant to eat… But I learned now a wonderful mask. I will try it. Thank you so much, with my love, nia

    • I didn’t know myself, but apparently it’s really good :) I wouldn’t drink it too much, maybe once a day for a week or two and then have a little break :) I don’t believe it can harm, but it’s a herb, so better use it in moderation :D

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  4. kristina! I bought a bunch of organic parsley and have made myself a cup of parsley tea. it is very refreshing – i like it. And it’s a lovely change from green tea. I think it’s something I would drink more at lunch or late afternoon given its savoury taste, though will try in the AM to make sure. Thanks for this wonderful tip!

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  7. I have a lot of joint pain and muscle pain, I’ve read that Parsley Tea is good for that. I sure do hope so!!!

  8. You can also mix it with other simple teas and it taste absolutely wonderful. Like Tazo Calm tea, or your favorite green tea. Sometimes it’s really nice to tone down a strong spice tea. Just a few helpful ideas.

  9. I never read about it on the internet, & I never thought about looking up parsley tea, but I thought if you can eat parsley for health benefits then why not drink it. So I have been doing that for a few months now & I believe it is doing a wonderful job.

  10. I am plagued with regular UTI’s and have tried every home remedy imaginable to avoid the antibiotics. The doctors were going to put me on IV antibiotics but so far the parsley tea is working. YAY!

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