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Handmade lip balm

Making lip balms is very simple. Maybe a bit messy from time time, but it only takes a few minutes. This recipe makes about 15 lip balms.

lip balms

21g of oliv ewax

15g cocoa butter

38ml of almond oil

2ml/g  (40-50 drops) your favourite essential oil

In a double boiler, melt the beeswax, butter and oil.  Once the mixture has melted, take it out of the hot water and add the essential oils. It’s handy to keep water in the pot boiling, so you can reheat the mixture as it cools down quickly.

Use a small beaker to pour the mixture into small cylinders. Be careful to not over-pour!  The mixture shrinks in the cylinders while cooling so you can top it up later. Wait for a few minutes for the balms so set.

Reheat the lip balm mixture and top up the cylinders. Wait a few minutes and then put on the lids. Lip balms need a few hours to set before use.

A little tip:  when cleaning at the end, stand the steel bowl and beakers or any other dish used for melting the lip balm mixture upright in the boiling water in the pot and let the fats and oils melt inside the bowls. Then take them out and immediately dry them out with a paper tissue. Then wash the pots. This will prevent you clogging your sink!


  1. WOW! This is so nice dear Kristina, can I make my own one too! I can’t believe, but the question should be like that, can I find all these things in here too… I should search. You aso nice, you share all details… I am sure your New Year Gifts will be the most beautiful ones… Thank you dearest, with my love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, you are always nice 🙂 Yes you can try to make it and you can buy all of that stuff, but better use trustworthy companies for buying base oils and essential oils otherwise they might be out of their shelf life. I recommend adding a tiny bit of organic set honey instead of essential oil or aromas to start with, it gives balms a lovely texture 😉

    • You should go for it Dianda 🙂 You can recalculate the quantity needed for less lip balms, only it’s tricky to measure accurately if just want one lip balm 🙂 Unless you have a very large lip balm cylinder 😀

      • Of course, just change the quantity of the ingredients 🙂 I made some honey balms yesterday, they are my favourite, just use a little bit of honey instead of essential oils 🙂 It’s lovely 😀

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your homemade products!! 🙂
    I actually heard of these amazing natural oils (so natural that you can ingest drops of them) from an amazing and experienced doula in San Francisco. You can find them at (essential oil, aromatherapy and more). Just thought you’d enjoy hearing about them, I learned a bit about them and thought of you!

    • Thanks for that, I will check it out, sounds exciting already! 😀 I want to try so many things 😀 and make lots of natural skin care products, as soon as I start doing I am in a different world 🙂

  3. I think this is so cool that you are making all this yourself. It’s great because you can control all the ingredients! Congrats!

    • Thanks David! I love all this natural stuff and you are right, the most important thing is the control over the products I want to include 🙂 No chemicals in my production 😀

  4. Thank you for sharing! I love making my own lip balms and I know how tough it is to choose a scent or flavour. This one sounds lovely!

  5. I know, I can never decide if certain flavours will be good enough for a lip balm 🙂 My raspberry one smelled gorgeous while making my lip balm, but once the balm set, the scent was gone 😦 So I thought I need something overpowering 😀

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