Dry, Cracked and Sore Lips?

I used to get it all the time, especially in winter! When I lived back home in Lithuania (well for about 22 years), where winters are as cold as -20 and sometimes it’s even painful to breathe, where you can hear frozen trees cracking and see little snowflakes painted on the windows in the morning… where it snows non stop overnight and the snow shimmers like millions of little diamonds in the morning sun… I am just getting myself ready emotionally because I am going back home for Christmas and honestly… I don’t remember how cold -15 is!!!!

So, since I moved to England, where winters are much milder, I don’t get cracked lips any more, well, not as often as I used to, but they do get dry from time to time. And we all know how painful and uncomfortable that is. But I have one remedy for you, easy to make and effective! I found this recipe in one Lithuanian magazine my mum sent me.

Healing Lip Balm

a drop of glycerine

a drop of fresh lemon juice/rose water

I didn’t have any rose water handy so I substituted it for fresh lemon juice . I used vegetable glycerine which is extremely moisturising and softening. Mix the ingredients together. Massage the remedy into your dry lips and leave it to soak in. It works miracles!

2 thoughts on “Dry, Cracked and Sore Lips?

  1. Dear Kristina, to see winter photographs are so nice but when I read your article about coldest days in Lithuania, I can realize once again, how difficult to live in this winter days… The cold damages to the skin, especially lips… Your remedy seems so good. I am so happy as much as you, because you are going to visit your country and your family during Christmas holiday. I have never been in these temperatures, -15 or -20… what means I don’t have any idea… Maybe I lived in – 5 or – 6C degrees that was all… But in the eastern part of my country the temparatures same as Lithuania and they live very hard winter days… Thank you dear Kristina, I noted your remedy, one day it would be needed. And my best wishes for you, for your travel to home… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  2. Thank you, Nia :D I got used to mild winters now in the UK, but I am looking forward to going home and hoping for lots of snow :D And it’s true, it’s more difficult to look after skin and hair in colder weather, but I guess you get so used to it that you don’t really notice any more, it all becomes just a routine :D It’s not as bad having cold winters if you are prepared for it. Back home people have appropriate clothes and we always eat hearty food to keep us warm :) I love freezing winters as long as it’s not raining, because when rain mixes with snow you can’t expect anything good out of it :D

    The remedy is really good and keeps lips nice and soft even in -20 :D

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