When I was Craving Pasta

I like making my own lunch and taking it to work, so I know what I eat. Also, it’s cheaper as well as tastier. As a result, sometimes I have to pick my brain to come up with something simple, quick and easy to make yet tasty and preferably healthy. There are days, like today, when it’s enough to just open the refrigerator and… realise that you don’t have a great variety of products to choose from, therefore you just cook from what you have! I don’t eat much pasta, but I always have it in my cupboard. Just in case. When I crave some carbs!  So let’s see what we have… Pasta? Yes. Mushrooms… Courgette… Hello lovely sun-dried tomatoes! Look at you Basil, sitting tall and green on a window cell!

Penne with Vegetable, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Basil

200g pasta (not necessarily Penne)

5-6 sun-dried tomatoes (add more if you like)

handful of fresh basil leaves

4-5 mushrooms, sliced

1/2 courgette

a drop of olive oil

2 cloves garlic

small piece of cheese

salt to taste

Throw the garlic into the boiling pasta and add a dash of olive oil. My friend, who is a chef, advised me to add a drop of oil when cooking pasta so it doesn’t stick together.

Slice the mushrooms and courgette. Sprinkle a little bit of oil over the vegetables and place them into the oven until soft and golden.

Time to chop those delicious sun-dried tomatoes. I love them! They taste so good! Slice them into small or large pieces, doesn’t really matter!

Chop the aromatic basil.

Drain the pasta. Get the garlic out, mash it into a paste.  Mix the garlic paste with the tomatoes, basil, mushrooms and courgette. Combine the mix with pasta and place it into a deep bowl. Sprinkle a little bit of sun-dried tomato marinade over the dish.

You can add some extra calories if you wish – grate a little bit of Parmigiano cheese on top! Unfortunately, I didn’t find it in my fridge, but the cheddar came handy. During the healthy eating seminar I learned that a matchbox-sized piece of cheese is allowed a day, so here you go! Everything is healthy, if eaten in moderation!

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6 thoughts on “When I was Craving Pasta

  1. Mmmmmmmm! I love making my own meals too, even when I know I’ll have to eat at work. I feel the same way about pasta – I’m not a huge fan, but always have it just in case, and usually end up making a delicious pasta salad with plenty of veggies and some tuna if I have any. :) Your recipe looks DELICIOUS!

  2. I Will have to return again when my course load lets up – nonetheless I am getting your Feed so i could go through your internet site offline. Thanks.

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