Potato and Double Cream Facial Mask

It wasn’t a nice day yesterday… the rain was pouring down, it was very windy, dark… grey… cold… What do you do when the weather is like this? I like wrapping myself in a nice, warm and cuddly dressing gown, mess around in the kitchen and try new home made recipes. Probably everyone has at least a bag of potatoes. I don’t really eat many of them, so before they go off in the cupboard, I better use them for the sake of beauty!

Potatoes, raw or boiled have the power to rejuvenate and nourish face skin and also slow skin ageing. It’s amazing that only a few slices of a raw potato can refresh our face skin. Avoid old and green potatoes as they might contain poison. Use as fresh vegetables as you can for both, food and skin care!

Potato and Double Cream Facial Mask   

1 potato (boiled)

1-2 tbsp double cream

 While boiling, potatoes loose lots of vitamins. To loose as little as possible remember to put them into the boiling water. Once the potato is boiled, peel it and mash it with the double cream. It smells great! Allow it too cool down. Cold face mask will become firm and ready to apply. Keep it on for 20 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. You can also blend potato with oil, yogurt, honey, vegetable juice (carrots), eggs.

So far it’s my favourite face mask!

4 thoughts on “Potato and Double Cream Facial Mask

  1. Your favorite one so far?? I’ll have to give this one a try then!!

    D-Man always raises an eyebrow when he sees the funny masks I try out on my face. It’s quite entertaining.

  2. Ha ha, the same with Charlie, He always has a sniff if I make something unusual :)

    It’s a real winter face mask and feels nice on skin :) I dare to say it’s an anti-wrinkle face mask :)

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