Month: August 2011

Greek yogurt and honey facial mask

I found a little bit of greek yogurt sitting happily in the fridge the other day… I also remembered a huge jar of honey from my mum hiding in the cupboard. Well, you can’t really make a meal out of it, but you can make a fantastic facial mask! 1 tbsp natural greek yogurt 1 tbsp honey Combine these lovely ingredients and apply them to your clean skin. Leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You will feel an instant freshness! Honey will nourish your skin and yogurt will get deep into pores leaving your skin clean and clear. Advertisements

Mayo hair mask

Ever tried mayonnaise for your hair? Just apply it onto your damp hair, put a shower cap on and leave it for about 30 minutes or longer. You will be surprised and pleased with the soft and shiny hair! Or try my home made hair mask! 3-4 tbsp of mayo hint of sweet almond oil (optional) hint of coconut oil (optional) Mix well all the ingredients and apply the mask onto your damp hair. Use a shower cap to cover your hair and keep it on for about 30 minutes. Or just use mayonnaise on its own!