Weekend, a SPA and tones of Ice Cream

Finally the sun visited us here in London! I was  surprised when I walked out of my house and it was actually sunny and warm… but this is how it should be… it’s summer after all!

Only one week remaining until my holiday back home in Lithuania, I can’t wait for mum’s treats: strawberries and cherries in the freezer (mixed with fresh cottage cheese… yum) and all other goodies saved up during the summer! Looking forward to the sandy beach in Palanga…

spending another day in beautiful Nida…

Feels good just thinking about it!

But it’s not like we are miserable here, oh no! Great things were happening in my kitchen last weekend! I had my friend staying over for the weekend and we decided to dedicate our Saturday to home made SPA treats. While she was making some lovely stuffed peppers for lunch, I was busy with cucumbers and melons. With the greatest inspiration I was chopping and squeezing the juice out of these fresh and lovely summer fruits and then mixing them with sugar, sea salt, mayonnaise, honey and yoghurt. After all this hard, but rather enjoyable chopping, pressing and mixing process I finally had refreshing hair and face masks and a lovely body scrub!

And the Sunday was sunny, warm and delicious! We attended the Ben&Jerry’s festival on the common with good music, loads of people, lovely friends and even more ice cream! What a lazy and simple but grand weekend!

Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend, a SPA and tones of Ice Cream

  1. How cool, I didn’t know you were from Lithuania! :) And I miss warm summer days spent with a good friend making homemade concoctions and special lunches. This post brought a smile to my face.

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