Banana Hair Mask

Well, it seems that we are slowly settling down in our new home. There is so much space and so many cupboards in my new kitchen that even I get confused and can’t find one or another item.

Recently I discovered a Lithuanian magazine called Londoner, published quarterly in London. I wish it could be published more often as the content is always interesting and enjoyable. I like curling up on my comfy futon with a large cup of tea and reading about Lithuanian people who live in London or those who have decided to finally go back home. This is where I found this banana hair mask recipe, which without even a shadow of a doubt I mixed up and tried immediately. It’s like a milk shake, fresh and healthy!

Banana Hair Mask

200ml milk

1 banana

1-2 spoons honey

Just mix all the ingredients well. I love to use my hand blender, it always helps me to mix up my home made beauty treats. Apply the mask on your hair and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse well.

As it says in the magazine this mixture is ‘rich in potassium, vitamins A, B and C, natural oils for smoother hair.’ 

2 thoughts on “Banana Hair Mask

  1. Kristina, klausyk, o šita kaukė tau patiko? Ką padarė plaukams? :) Domina visi poveikiai :))
    Čia tiek turi visokių įdomybių pridėjus, taip smalsu išmėgint!

  2. Man visai patiko, kvepia tai kaip pieniskas kokteilis :) isplovus plaukus jie iš pradžiu buvo kietoki, bet pastebėjau, kad po daugumos namų gamybos kaukių plaukams jie pradžioj jaučiasi trupučiuką šiurkštoki, bet išdžiūvus plaukams, palieka minkštučiai ir atsigavę :) Po bananų kaukės plaukai labai blizgejo :) Tik reikia labai gerai isplauti ir dar geriau išskalauti, nes gali užsilikti pieno lašelių plaukuose :) Šiandien su drauge darysim majonezo kaukę, girdėjau, kad labai pamaitina plaukus :)

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