Strawberry Foot Scrub

The results exceeded my expectations! Whilst making this foot scrub I though it will be fun to use it, but I didn’t expect it to be THAT fun!

Summery flavour… unforgettable experience… freshness and baby softness… all of that mixed up with loads of love and placed in a small jar.

Strawberry and peach kernel oil mixture not only provides you with lovely scent but also rejuvenates tired and rough skin.

I strongly recommend trying this marvellous strawberry miracle!

Strawberry Foot Scrub

5-10 strawberries

1 spoon peach kernel oil (olive oil is suitable as well)

1-2 spoons coarse sea salt

Wash and blend the strawberries.  Add the oil and salt. Mix it well and enjoy your baby feet!

! Suggestion: after use, keep the remaining foot scrub in the refrigerator.

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Foot Scrub

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