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First aid for eye infections

Last week was so busy starting with babysitting, moving and finally catching an eye infection!

It’s not the nicest feeling to wake up and not being able to open you eyes properly and I am not even talking about the reflection in the mirror! What do you do then? Panic, don’t really know what to do… and it’s too early to book an appointment with a doctor!

The first aid for a swollen eyelid – chamomile compress. Just pour hot water over a handful of dried chamomile in a mug. Cover it, brew it for about 10 minutes and sieve it. Use a little piece of wool cotton to gently apply the brew onto your eye lid and hold it for a few minutes. The chamomile brew works best when it’s still warm. You will feel relief immediately. Then get ready for an appointment with a doctor.

The doctor advised me to wet a clean towel in hot water and keep it pressed down to my eye 4 times a day and then prescribed some medicine.

The eyelid is still swollen, but I expect a significant improvement tomorrow. Please share your advice if you experienced something like this!


  1. Ah, did you get pink eye? I had it once, my first and last time, when I was about 22 – because of working with kids too! I definitely remember panicking and being grossed out, but I got some medicine from the pharmacy/chemist’s specifically for pink-eye. I’ve never tried anything natural for it to say the truth. I hope you get better soon enough!!! Take care of your pretty eyes!

  2. Thanks 🙂 I think moving house and all the dust might have caused the infection,my eyelid was so big this morning that I could open only half of my eye. Feeling a bit better now, hopefully the medicine I have will help 🙂

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