Refreshing Hair Mask

Michi is one of my blog readers, she writes a lovely blog which I love reading. Recently she suggested trying one very interesting yet simple hair mask. She wrote: ‘You’re going to love it’ and she was right! This natural and home produced (of course), molasses, aloe vera and avocado hair mask will most definitely revive tired hair. In fact it’s good to use this viscous fluid daily for our health benefits. It is recommended to be used in cooking and baking or as a sweetener. To be honest, it doesn’t really taste that great, but don’t worry, you will not need to eat it this time :) People say that daily consumption of organic molasses prevents hair loss and premature greying. Only 2 spoons of this pungent syrup a day will help maintain the lush and natural hair colour.

So I got myself a little aloe vera plant, and because of the chipped pot corner I got it fairly cheap! Try mixing some of this low maintenance plant leaf juice into other hair masks to strengthen hair and promote its growth.

Tonight I am flying to Stockholm for my mum’s birthday and that’s why I decided to try this hair revitalizing mask and get ready for a happy meeting. Can’t wait already!

Refreshing Hair Mask

1 aloe vera leaf

1 avocado

1-2 tbl spoons of molasses

Cut off the spikes of an aloe vera leaf, peel the avocado and blend well together with molasses. Apply the mixture onto your damp hair. Leave it on for about 30 minutes for the mask to penetrate deeply and then shampoo as usual.

People recommend using organic Blackstrap Molasses, although Michi said that organic syrup works just as well.

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