Home Made Hair Serum

I was longing to make my own home made hair serum and finally I got my exciting parcel from one lovely ant natural place called Natural by Nature. Since I started cycling to work and also found my way to Charlie’s, I don’t really pop into shops anymore. Therefore more and more I shop online. My work colleagues probably think that I am engaged in some sort of trade or goods reselling business :) But it is so convenient! Of course, it’s disappointing that I can’t smell, try or touch the products I buy (I don’t really buy that much), but reading reviews and just listening to my feminine instinct helps :)  And in my defense, some shops don’t even have the stuff I need (or my imagination tells me I need) or the smells I like… and some stuff is cheaper.

So I went ahead (trusting my gut) that the oils I am going to order, will deliver the results I am aiming for! I ordered lovely avocado, coconut and jojoba oils and also a small bottle of fresh lemon grass essential oil. In addition to my order I also received a small bottle of vapourizing ‘Citrus Fresh’ oil. I love little presents :)

To make this serum, combine:

20ml avocado oil

20ml coconut oil

15ml jojoba oil

about 20 drops of refreshing lemon grass essential oil.

Combine the oils, enrich the mix with the lovely lemon grass essential oil and pour into a dark glass (plastic) bottle. The hair serum is ready to use :)

Evenly apply a dime-sized amount to either wet or dry hair. Such serum protects the hair against breakage and prevents split ends.

You can also rub a small amount of this serum into your scalp or hair tips and leave it overnight. The avocado, jojoba and coconut serum will nourish and refresh tired and dehydrated hair.

You can use any other essential oils to make the serum, it’s up to your taste and liking!

Have a lovely weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Home Made Hair Serum

  1. I love your natural beauty advice – this serum sounds fantastic! What online sites and natural products would you recommend? (Especially for skin that is prone to freckles?) Thank you!

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