Home-Made Help for Stomach Ache: Honey & Cinnamon

Every time I am pleasantly surprised about home-made remedies and how effective they are! Uncomfortable stomach bloating can spoil not only mood but also productivity. Recently I suffered from abnormal stomach bloating and it is very difficult to cope with it. It is a strange thing this stomach bloating. People experience it in loads of different ways. For some abdominal distention is painful, others simply feel uncomfortable, but do not feel any pain. When walking or cycling I do not feel any discomfort, but as soon as I sit at my desk, I start feeling bloated.

People recommend various medications such as yogurt pills, charcoal tablets, but I don’t really want to take any of them. The body gets used to drugs too quickly and becomes immune and thus stronger medication is needed.

There are numerous suggestions on loads of different treatments for sufferers of this unpleasant sensation. But which one is suitable? Sometimes stomach bloating becomes unbearable that I feel like crying, because it affects not only physically but also mentally. Stomach bloating becomes the main focus and it’s hard to concentrate on something else.

Having suffered for a few days, I was afraid to eat. Reading loads of related literature made me feel even worse! Apparently meat, vegetables, fruit and even water is causing stomach bloating! I choose not to believe it!

But a few days ago I found a solution! Reading a wide range of suggestions and other people blogs I found out that honey and cinnamon has a positive effect on the digestive system.

I have been drinking this mixture every morning on an empty stomach for several days and the result is great! I will try to drink it as often as I can.

A Mixture of Honey and Cinnamon

1 tablespoon honey

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1 cup warm water

All you have to do is mix the honey and cinnamon with warm water. Mix it well. Drink this warm mixture in the morning on an empty stomach.

Honey and Cinnamon mixture improves digestion process,  removes gas in bowel, relieves and treats stomach pains.

Also, a mixture of honey, cinnamon and hot water is recommended to drink for weigh loss. Regular consumption of such a mixture prevents body fat accumulation and weight gain.

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15 thoughts on “Home-Made Help for Stomach Ache: Honey & Cinnamon

  1. And it really works :) I am enjoying it nearly every morning; it’s just like drinking tea. Honey makes it rather sweet, but healthy at the same time ;)

    • I usually drink it on an empty stomach and then have my breakfast in 20-30 minutes. But you can see what works better you. I am sure you can have this drink during the day.

      • Hi. Do u only do this onece a day? I came across this and decided to look into it further, as I have bad gas in afternoon evening. Do u just use warm tap/filtered water? i was doing a search cause when i came across this, it did not say the amount to take, and found ur response. Im gonna run to store now. altho i have been up for hours and have eatn my breakfast, im gonna start tomorrow.

      • Hi Tami, I did it once a day, in the morning for a few weeks. I simply boiled tap water. It helped me, but then I also found out that I am intolerant to milk. I stopped drinking milk and the bloating has disappeared. So you might want to try and find the reason why you feel bloated. I hope the mix will help you. I also find green tea very helpful and just pure water. Good luck!

  2. Its de 3rd day now taking cinamon and honey. My stomach is painful and hv Never experience what m going through.

  3. Honey and cinnamon is good for a lot of things its probably one of the safest remedies to use. Glad it worked for you

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