Well, failures occur now and again…

It’s lovely to have Friday off when everyone is waking up to go to work and I can have a long lie in and enjoy my well-earned rest. Tranquility at home… a nice cup of coffee…Healthier life style magazine… What could be better? I wasn’t lazing for too long. Went for a little run. Trying to move as much as I can before going to my friend’s birthday tonight and Charlie is taking me out for a meal tomorrow. My trip to Amsterdam is just round the corner and I have to look my best to face the big birthday! :)

Whilst enjoying my hot drink and a good read I spotted one facial scrub recipe. So, I decided to make it and I have to say that the mixture ‘scrubbed’ my skin very well… not in a good way though…

The recipe was super simple and I even did not think that my skin might not like it… Oatmeal… Cinnamon… Milk… All natural stuff, no chemicals… My skin loves my home made honey and oatmeal face scrub and I love Body Shop face masks, but something went wrong today. My skin felt very irritated and the feeling was very unpleasant so I washed the mixture off my face straight away with plenty of lukewarm water. My face was pretty red and I was a little bit worried. How I am going to go to the party with a face red like a beetroot!? But luckily it all went away and my skin is back to normal. And I though I will put some of this face scrub into a nice container and give it to my friend… I don’t think so… At least it was home made and didn’t coast me a fortune.

Tiny Advice

I am lucky to have the skin that likes everything and I always ignored the advise that a cream/face mask/face scrub should be tested first on a small piece of our skin to observe its reaction before applying it on our entire body, but from now on I will do that and I highly  recommend you doing this as well!

If you feel unpleasant skin irritation after applying a new face care product onto your skin, rinse it off immediately with plenty of coldish water.

Herbal Compress

If your face skin got irritated and became red, make a little herbal compress. Pour some hot water over a pinch of dried min or camomile’s, cover the dish and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Filter it. Dab a piece of clean dressing into an herbal water and gently cover your face with the wet cloth. This compress can be used to revitalize your skin naturally as well as in the event of a disaster.

Failed experiment today, but still something exciting to look forward to! My home made raspberry lip gloss is setting in the refrigerator! Can’t wait! :)

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