Honey and Oatmeal Mask

Sunday evening… time to rest… and therefore I decided to try another home made recipe. I sit now in front of my computer and smell the pleasant mixture of honey and lemon flavours and I can feel my skin absorbing all the natural goodness…  I have read one health and beauty article and found out that our skin absorbs 60% of everything we apply on it! The founder of ‘Biocosmetics Academy’ Jolanda Cinaitiene says that ‘using natural cosmetics will help us stay beautiful and supplement our body with the necessary vitamins. Using synthetic cosmetics harmful substances accumulate in our body over years that eventually may result in serious illnesses.’

I was longing to try this mask! Anyone can make it, it takes only a few minutes but the effect is long lasting! This mask will revive and feed the skin. Honey gives the silky softness, lemon brightens the skin and the oatmeal gently exfoliates dead skin cells.

Honey and Oatmeal Mask

There are plenty of tips on how to make a honey mask, but for me my own combination seemed very tempting:

1 teaspoon of honey

1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 teaspoon of dry oatmeal

a drop of olive oil

It is best to ground the oatmeal then the blend bonds better and complies easier on your skin. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

The feeling is great as well as the aroma!

11 thoughts on “Honey and Oatmeal Mask

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  2. I have been using ground oatmeal and honey together and also separately as masks on my face. They both work wonderfully to calm my skin (irritated blemishes) and give me a healthy glow. Tonight I added a teaspoon of lemon juice to the mask. It smells great and feel great on my skin. I googled it to make sure the this mixture is safe to put on my face. Hadn’t tried lemon with oatmeal before. Glad I found this. :D

    • I am glad it worked well :D Lemon is great for softening skin and it doesn’t irritate skin when mixed with oil or honey. Try mixing lemon juice with honey, massage it gently into your face skin, and leave it on for about 15mins, then wash off with warm water followed by a splash of cold water. It’s lovely, cleans and softens the skin :) Thank you very much for your comment.

  3. can you use this on your face everyday? i also use olive oil to remove my make up, will that be too much olive oil?

    • Hi Tatiana, I wouldn’t use it everyday. Oatmeal exfoliates skin and it’s best to do it every other day. It is not necessary to do masks for skin everyday, twice a week is more than enough :)

    • Hi Toni, I use it up the same day. It’s best to just make a small amount and use it up straight away. If you want to store it, store it in a CLEAN glass container in the fridge. It should last longer than one week, but I prefer freshly made face masks :)

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